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She’s been telling tall tales of adventure both real and imagined since she was young, but always felt that writing books “takes way too long”. When she start writing for fun and profit, it was as a blogger. On a dare she published her first book. She likes to write Paranormal (shifter, mostly,) and contemporary romance. He stories are “inspired by the real lives and loves of the women that she’s known personally.” And she likes to “create heroines for real life– what we see in ourselves, what we see in others, and what we want to be. A little too curvy? A little past our prime? A little too picky to settle for anything less than the real thing in the right package?” In her own real life she has dogs, a long term, a long term boyfriend, a couple of motorcycles, and a day job. She lives in Califormnia on the edgde of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and spends as much time in those mountains as she can.

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